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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Franking Machine Logo Designer

Mailcoms are pleased to launch the latest new gadget the 'Frank Designer'.

This is a very simple unique tool that offers an instant impression of how the franking machine impression logo will look with your own logo and return address.

This is the only FREE online franking machine logo design tool available anywhere and it yet again demonstrated Mailcoms commitment to its customers to making choosing and ordering a franking machine as simple as possible.

This fantastic new Franking Machine tool allows you to upload an image file and it will automatically size it, change to either red or blue and allow you to place a return address along side it. The 'Frank Designer will even tell if your logo is 'Landscape' or 'Portrait' and will automatically either place the address to the side or underneath allowing the franking machine impression to maximize on the space available to print.

For more information visit

Fora competitive franking machine quotation please visit

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Smart Blue Franking Ink

Mailcoms have launched their latest range of franking machine ink cartridges to now include a full range of blue franking machine ink cartridges. Blue has been used in the UK for the Royal Mails' Business Mail Advanced Service (formally Cleanmail).

Blue Franking Machine Ink Cartridges have also been widely used across mainland Europe for many years now.

Blue franking ink cartridges are currently only available in the UK for Royal Mails Business Mail Advanced Service and some European countries.

Models Mailcoms now offer blue for include the Neopost IS240 / IS-240 / IS280 / IS-280 / Autostamp 2, the Neopost IS330 / IS-330 / IS350 / IS-350, Neopost IS420 / IS-420 / IS440 / IS-440 and the Neopost IS460 / IS-460 / IS480 / IS-480 Franking Machines.

For more information visit our main website at or call 08450 530930.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Royal Mail Franking Machine Ink Approval

Mailcoms Ltd have become one of only 2 independent companies that has had its own range of Franking Machine ink Cartridges approved by the Royal Mail. Royal Mail have performed extensive tests on our ink including many thousands of impressions from most of the Franking Machines available in the market today in addition to models dating back up to 10 years. All impressions were tested to meet readability and compatibility criteria for recognition by the Royal Mails high speed IMP / ILSM sorting machines. Before testing, all Approved cartridges gained CE approval and accreditation as part of the very stringent Royal Mail approval process. We are pleased to offer our comprehensive range of Royal Mail Approved low cost original, compatible and re-manufactured franking machine ink cartridges & franking machine labels. Please feel free to browse by clicking on your brand of franking machine below where you can order online or call us on 08450 530930. Or you can visit our website at

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Mailcoms In The Customer Service Awards

Mailcoms were recently nominated as finalists in the Cannock Chase Business awards. This competitive awards ceremony took place on the 6th July and was attended by over 50 local companies battling it out over 10 awards. Mailcoms were delighted to have been nominated in two awards by independent business's and were even more so when it was announced that Mailcoms had been nominated by the judges as finalists in the top 3 of two of the categories. Mailcoms were finalists in the Customers service Award which was the strongest and most coveted of all awards and were also finalist in the 'Green Award' which was recognised because of our unique approach to Franking Cartridge refilling and recycling. Mailcoms would like to thank all companies that nominated us and to those who have left testimonials. Click here for more information.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mailcoms Launch the Mailbase Lite Franking Machine

Mailcoms have raised the standards for entry level franking machines. The first Entry Level Franking Machine with true faster 'pass through' franking and much lower running costs. The Mailbase Lite Digital 'Smart' Postal System is an entry level re-engineered machine that unlike other entry level franking machines offers quicker 'pass through' franking rather than the 'manual hand fed and removed' franking systems. With a semi-automatic envelope feeding and built-in 2.5kg scale, it’s flexible enough for occasional large volume mailings such as month end runs, occasional marketing campaigns and yet perfect for the smaller ones. This fully loaded digital franking machine is complete with ALL Royal Mail Inland and overseas postage rates. The Mailbase's higher mailing capacity assures the very best mail handling performance for the most demanding small business. With the Mailbase Lite Mailcoms have also set new standards with much lower ink costs when compared to other machines in its class, Click here to see how it compares. For more information visit or call 08450 530930.

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Royal Mail Postage Stamp Prices and Franking Prices announced for 2012

Ofcom and Royal Mail have now agreed the postal prices for postage stamps and franking machines for 2012. Franking Machine users will benefit from a massive saving of 19p on a standard 2nd class stamp and 14p on a standard 1st class stamp.

For more information download the new price list here at or call o8450 530930

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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Vat On Postage and Franking Machines

The Royal Mail have announced their changes to their 2012 VAT on postage and how this affects many customers and franking machine users:

Some services already became iable to Vat in 2012 and without a 'Smart' Franking machine meter customers were no longer able to pay for these servicves via a franking machine.

If you are unsure if your franking machine is compliant with these changes please CLICK HERE to email us or call us on 08450 530930.

For more detailed information on how this years Vat on Postage changes affect franking machine customers please visit:

Normal services such as 1st and 2nd Class franking will continue to be VAT exempt from April 2012.

The list below shows services that are becoming liable to Vat from the 2nd April 2012.

Service VAT change Effective from
Cleanmail® Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Cleanmail® Plus Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Cleanmail® Advance Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Mailsort® (70, 120, 700 and 1400) Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Walksort® Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Presstream® Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Sustainable® Mail Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Packetpost Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Packetsort Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Packetsort Plus Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Packetpost Returns Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
PO Box Services Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Advertising Mail (70,120, and 1400) Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Automated Standard Tariff Large Letter Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Response Services (inc. Licence fees) Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Standard Account mail* Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Redirect Diversion Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Ministerial Pouch Services Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Do not redirect Service becomes liable to VAT 2 April 2012
Enhanced bulk mail services available on 2 April will also be liable to VAT with the exception of the service described below.

Further Information

Many business customers can reclaim VAT. If your business is registered for VAT, and sells taxable goods or services, then as a general rule, you will be able to recover the VAT in the normal way on your VAT return. If you use a franking machine for any of the above services then it will need to be fitted with a SMART meter which enables data to be transferred back to the Royal Mail on the type of services used. This in turn automatically generates a VAT statement and allows you to claim the VAT back from HMRC and more importantly allows you to be able to continue using the service.

Royal Mail services that are or will become liable to VAT:

Standard Account mail

Express and Packet services:

Special Delivery™ 9.00a.m. stamp, franking and account
Special Delivery™ Next Day account
Royal Mail Tracked® and Tracked™ Next Day
Royal Mail Sameday®
Packetsort Plus
Packetpost Returns
Recorded Signed For™ will also become liable to VAT if purchased as an add-on to a standard rated service. In all other circumstances it will remain VAT exempt.
Business Mail
Cleanmail®, Cleanmail® Plus and Cleanmail® Advance
Automated Standard Tariff Large Letter
Mailsort® (70, 120, 700 and 1400)
Marketing Services

Advertising Mail (70,120, and 1400)
Sustainable® Mail
Big Book
Royal Mail Heavyweight
Door to Door™


Response Services

Response Services (inc. Licence fees)

International Services (VAT will only be added to EU destinations)

International Contract Tracked and Secure Services (Airsure and International Signed For)
International Contract Services (Mixed Mail, Letters, Flats, Packets, Destination Sort and Mbags)
International Airsure®
International Admail and Admail Packets
International Redirections
Outbound Mail Services

Business Collections
Inbound Mail Services

Timed Delivery™
Early Extraction
Early Collect
Local Collect®

Other Services:

Business Mail Secure
Callers Services
Rural Deliveries
Rural Carriage of Goods
PO Box® Services
Redirect Diversion
Ministerial Pouch services
Do not redirect

Contract Services

Pre-Sorted Delivery
Mailroom Management
Mailroom Consulting Services
Royal Mail Relay®

Some services that remain exempt from VAT, in addition to free services

UK Services

1st and 2nd Class (stamped, franking)
Special Delivery™ Next Day (stamped and franking)
Standard Parcels
Recorded Signed For™ (if purchased with an exempt service)

International Services

International Airmail
International Surface Mail
International Signed For
All HM Forces Mail (BFPO)

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