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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Franking Machines From a UK Approved Supplier

The History of Franking Machines

The franking of mail started on a limited basis following the creation of the General Post Office by parliament in 1660.

At this time a politician was able to send mail simply by signing his signature in lieu of a stamp.

By the 19th century this system was said to have been getting widely abused and people suggested that anyone with a friend in parlaiment could get their post franked.

(Nothings changed there then!!!)

As time and technology progressed Franking Machines were introduced that allowed companies to frank their own mail in order to speed up and reduce the cost of this process.

Now in the 21st century franking machines have become a cost effective necessary and important part of the office envoronment. Especially as now the Royal Mail offer a reduction for the processing of franking machine mail - franked mail.


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