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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Frama Franking Machines - Matrix F2, F4 & F6 Ink Cartridge Refilling

Mailcoms have led the way in franking machine ink cartridge refilling and recycling for a while now and is constantly looking to increase its product and service Range. We're pleased to announce we can now refill most Frama franking machine ink cartridges including the new Matrix Range.

Ecomail / Officemail / Accessmail
Mailcoms can now replace the ribbon & spools inside the ink cartridge, The cartridge would be returned with the same amount of impressions as though it was new.

Mailmax Series
Mailcoms have now developed its own ink and bag for your Mailmax franking machine, this product has now finished its testing phase and is due to be submitted to the Royal Mail shortly for approval. Please keep your empties!!

Matrix F Series
Modern technology has allowed franking machine manufacturers to protect high revenue streams by introducing microchips to their ink cartridges. These microchips are often programmed to time out after a certain time period or a certain number of impressions. Franking machines often then either time out or stop working alerting that the ink has expired.

The Matrix F series is no exception to this latest technology, one customer returned to us a supposedly empty Matrix F2 cartridge where it had only used around 15% of the ink! Although with the Matrix F series it's not so much the refilling but the microchip that's proved to be challenging. The Matrix F series ink cartridge is quite simply two HP45 ink cartridge filled with non fluorescent red ink and a Microchip affixed to one of them.

The Matrix F series uses a short range 'contactless' memory chip with 4096 bit EEPROM. This is basically a microchip with an antenna to send and receive data to and from the franking machine to tell it when stop working and to show the message that the ink is either out of date or has ran out even though much of the ink still remains.

Customers have been asking us to offer a refill service and we are pleased to confirm we are now able to offer this For Matrix F2 Refilling visit and for Matrix F4 & F6 Franking machines visit Again, dont forget to keep your empties!!

Refilling and resetting your franking machine ink cartridges is not only more environmentally friendly but also far more cost effective.

For more information call 08450 530930 or visit or dedicated franking cartridge recycling website at or visit our main website at www

Frama and Matrix F are trademarks of Frama AG


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