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Sunday, 1 August 2010

Vat On Postage - Franking Machines

Don't be fooled by franking machine manufacturers or their sales people into believing you actually need a VAT compliant franking machine for the 2011 VAT changes.

Yes its true that the Royal Mail have had VAT imposed on some of their products & Services but not on the majority of services you would access using a franking machine. In fact after analyzing their announcement on the Royal Mail website two of the services that you may occasionally use are the 'before 9am' special delivery service (the next day standard special delivery service is still zero rated and remains vat exempt) and the 'International Airsure' service which is basically special delivery but overseas (Non EU countries remain Vat Exempt).

If you do not use these services or any other services where VAT is applied then you will not be affected at all!!

Don't listen to the sales people or the franking machine manufacturers who would be more than happy to cloud the issue.

Read it for yourself at the Royal Mail website.

Below are a list of the services that remain VAT exempt:

We have filtered out the most commonly used services and have narrowed it down to the following:-

1st and 2nd Class Stamped Mail
1st and 2nd Class Franked Mail
1st and 2nd Class PPI Mail
Special Delivery Next Day Stamps and Franking
Standard Parcels
Recorded Signed For
1st and 2nd Class Cleanmail, Cleanmail plus and Cleanmail Advance
International services
International Airmail
International Surface Mail

Services that some users of franking machines may use that will become subject to VAT:
Special Delivery 9.00am

International services: (no VAT will be added for non-EU destinations)
International Airsure

Royal Mail are still assessing which services will become liable to VAT.
Please visit the Royal Mail page by clicking here on this subject by clicking here on this subject for further updates.

At Mailcoms Ltd we do not operate with commission paid sales executives and we believe in giving factual information and telling you how it is.

If your current supplier is suggesting you need to change your machine give us a call and see what a better and more informative honest reception you'll receive. Call us on 08450 530930 our visit our website at

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