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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Franking Machine Ink Recycling Creates Local Jobs

Mailcoms are pleased to announce that following the success of its Franking Machine Ink Cartridge Recycling it has created two new positions for ink Cartridge Recycling technicians.

Mailcoms are still the only Franking Machine supplier & maintainer to offer franking Machine ink cartridge refilling and recycling. The additional manpower will improve turnaround time for ink cartridge refill orders and increase our capacity.

A mobile refilling system is also being tested to offer instant cost effective refilling on-site.

Des McManus, Mailcoms's Managing Director said "This is great for both the business and the local area where we've been hid hard with unemployment following the recent economic difficulties. I'm proud to be contributing to the recovery of our local economy in a business that offers not only cost savings but also helps the environment at the same time."

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