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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Mailcoms Launch the Mailbase Lite Franking Machine

Mailcoms have raised the standards for entry level franking machines. The first Entry Level Franking Machine with true faster 'pass through' franking and much lower running costs. The Mailbase Lite Digital 'Smart' Postal System is an entry level re-engineered machine that unlike other entry level franking machines offers quicker 'pass through' franking rather than the 'manual hand fed and removed' franking systems. With a semi-automatic envelope feeding and built-in 2.5kg scale, it’s flexible enough for occasional large volume mailings such as month end runs, occasional marketing campaigns and yet perfect for the smaller ones. This fully loaded digital franking machine is complete with ALL Royal Mail Inland and overseas postage rates. The Mailbase's higher mailing capacity assures the very best mail handling performance for the most demanding small business. With the Mailbase Lite Mailcoms have also set new standards with much lower ink costs when compared to other machines in its class, Click here to see how it compares. For more information visit or call 08450 530930.

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